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I cannot take any Ampair orders for now. They have a new owner and I am waiting to hear from them.

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  • Installation of Marine and Off Grid Energy Systems
  • Design
  • Sales
  • DIY Support 
For Your Boat:
  • Battery Monitors - A must for more info, management and understanding. 
  • Magnum Inverters - Silent AC Power (reduce generator run times). 
  • High Amp Alternator - higher and faster charge at lower RPM.
  • Renewable Energy - Solar and Wind and Tow Generator. 
  • Clean ups and Refits
  • Repairs and Installation

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I own a Sabre 36 foot sailboat, built in 1988. It had the original Westerbeke 50 amp alternator and two group 31 deep cycle batteries.

For various reasons or more electrical demands, I wanted to put more ooomph into the 12 volt DC system, add 110 volt AC capability, and be able to efficiently charge the battery banks without the need to hook up to shore power.

Larry Liesner's name was given to me by local sources at the boatyard as the "go to guy" with whom to plan the new electrical endeavor.

I sat down with, and thanks to Larry, the boat has a three group 31 house and separate group 24 start 12 volt DC battery bank, an 1800 watt 110 volt AC inverter, and a 125 amp alternator. Also, all associated wiring and switching for the entire system and any contingency (emergency starting e.g.).

To say I was please with Larry's end result is an understatement. Given the tight quarters, the installation of all the equipment is superbly organized, executed in a neat and orderly fashion, and complete. Larry's work ethic and professionalism are excellent.

For upgrading electrical requirements in a mid sized sailboat, this system works very well for me. And I certainly would have Larry do it on another boat.

From the deck of "WEST'S"STERN".

John West

Rowayton, CT


Ampair 100 watt wind turbine. The most robust and reliable wind turbine on the market today.

Ampair Tow Generator - The most energy for long distance crossings

Micro Hydropower Submersible Generator

Ampair 600 Wind Turbine

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